Elisabetta Franchi Spring/Summer 2013 Collection | Milan Fashion Week

Posted on: 11th November 2012, FashionTV Video Archive

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MILAN- Sail away with FashionTV as we go behind the scenes of Elisabetta Franchi's presentation in Milan. The upcoming Spring/Summer 2013 collection was inspired by Yacht Clubs but with a modern colorful twist. Designer Elisabetta Franchi explains how she re-interpreted the world of Yacht-Club attire, "I played around with stripes a lot, but not the usual black and white stripes. I preferred to propose black and cream, therefore there's a slightly retro air." She also proposed some ranging palette of colors such as light dusty pink which is "amust" according to the designer. Other colors that were prominent were flesh color. In order to throw in some bright colors, Franchi added pomegranate and aquamarine. The designer took one step further all the usual features that she uses in her collections such as plaques, chains and gold-plated buttons and really exaggerated and that's why she considers her women "all a --glitter."
APPEARANCES: Elisabetta Franchi
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