Etam Lingerie ft Grace Jones - La Vie En Rose - Spring 2012 by Natalia Vodianova

Posted on: 30th January 2012, F.Hot Videos PARIS - Supermodel Natalia Vodianova hosted Etam lingerie's fashion show in Paris, France. She also designed the Spring/Summer 2012 line. Welcoming her efforts--disco darlings like Grace Jones, Gloria Gaynor, Chaka Khan, and 80s girl group The Pointer Sisters. First up, Miss Grace Jones in a black leotard and mask singing "La Vie En Rose" while the ladies hit the lavish stage at Les Beaux-Arts de Paris. The collection, while showcasing sweet pink lingerie and bustier one-pieces, is also about nighties, evening wear, lace, bright colors, gold and black bronzed onesies, and more. The girls wore soldier caps and pink in this first clip Models like Anna Selezneva, Sui He, and Josephine Skriver were part of the festivities, which certainly rivals the Victoria's Secret fashion show this year.
Appearances: Anna Selezneva, Kendra Spears, Josephine Skriver, Sui He
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