FashionTV Party at Madonna's House hosted by Ania J at WMC Miami 2012

Posted on: 12th June 2012, FashionTV Video Archive

MIAMI - Singer Ania J is in the house! Madonna's House, to be exact, hosting the FashionTV party at the Winter Music Conference 2012 in Miami. Alongside her is Joe T Vanelli. This time, he's not on the turntables, choosing to let the DJ duties go to DJ Madame Betty, who's totally playing the part. Later on, he gets in on the action. Beautiful girls, F 18: Luxury Acai Drink, F Crystals, and F Vodka: Elixir of Fashion are all part of the glorious package.
Appearances: Ania J (Singer), DJ Joe T Vannelli, DJ Madame Betty

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