Firenze 4 Ever 2012: Top Fashion Bloggers & Fashionistas at Luisa Via Roma Event

Posted on: 6th February 2012, FashionTV Video Archive FLORENCE - In June 2010, Luisa Via Roma had their 1st edition of Firenze4ever followed by their 2nd edition in January 2011, and their third edition in June 2011. Now, it's time for the luxury group's 4th edition where bloggers, writers, and fashionistas are invited to sample Luisa Via Roma's designer clothing ahead of anyone else in a 2-day affair. The group feels, well, if we get shipments early, why not share with the professionals who know fashion best. Cosmeticians from MAC are on hand to help in the beauty process, and Aveda does the hair at this event. A photographer styles your photo with your designer wares. There's also music, cocktails, and perhaps best of all, a charity called Pug Dogs for Happy Kids where various designers design pieces for Steiff pugs to be auctioned off in order to raise money for UNICEF. Designers like Francesco Scognamiglio made pieces for a pug. At the event, big blogger names like Bryanboy, Chiara Ferragni from The Blonde Salad, Jennine Jacob from The Coveted, Andy Torres from Style Scrapbook, Sarah Steidel from Josie Loves and more. FashionTV gets to follow Bryanboy as he styles a shoot for the website.
Appearances: Bryanboy, Diego Dolcini, Jennine Jacob, Magda Gomes (Fashion Designer), Chiara Ferragni, Francesco Scognamiglio, Andy Torres, Sarah Steidel, Giuseppe Zanotti, Sara Lin (Desmo CEO), La Carmina, Sammy Liang, Enrico Vaccaro (A Day With...Firenze 4Ever Bloggers Contest Winner), Laudomia Pucci, Alessandro Castellano, Ermanno Scervino, Joan As Police Woman, Susie Bubble
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