Great Gatsby-themed Photo Shoot by Sophia Lenore

Posted on: 19th August 2013, FashionTV Video Archive

Great Gatsby-themed Photo Shoot by Sophia Lenore WORLD - FashionTV takes you back to the 1920s for the Great Gatsby-themed photo shoot by Sophia Lenore. "We got some really really great shots both indoors and outdoors, and I think we did a fantastic job of bringing the Great Gatsby to life from film to photos," says Creative Director Sophia Lenore. No detail was spared for this shoot; we see fans, long cigarette holders, feathers, headbands and short hair styles to really capture the time period.
Appearances: Sophia Lenore (Creative Director and Lead Hair and Makeup, the Great Gatsby Photo Shoot), Lukasz Kozlowski (Photographer), Valerie Oster (Lead Wardrobe Stylist)
Sophia Lenore
Creative Director, Urban Fashion Night, Hosted by Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Berlin
Professional Celebrity Hair & Makeup Artist
Freelance Beauty & Entertainment Journalist, E! Entertainment Television
Entertainment Journalist, Sophia Lenore T.V.
CEO & Creative Director, Sophia Lenore Productions
E-Book 1:
E-Book 2:
Editorial Concept (For Magazine Editorial Shoot)
The Crew-
Sophia Lenore Productions
Sophia Lenore (Creative Director, Art Director, Lead Hair & Makeup)
Philipp Halfmann ( Producer, Shoot Coordinator)
Lukasz Kozlowski (Photographer)
Valerie Oster ( Director of Wardrobe styling)
Alejandra Olandesi (Wardrobe assistant)
Daniela Torres (Hair & Makeup Assistant, Nails)
Jonathan Muehlhause (Lead Camera man)
Shiri Rosen (Sound engineer)
Lukasz Kozlowski (Location manager)
Konstantin Kleine (Photo Retoucher)
Christian Klöwer (Photo Retoucher)
Florian Hülsmann (Graphics, Photo Retouching)
Adam Asztalos
Juliane Marie
Johanna Witt
Mehmet Rabanne Yurtseven
Modeling Agency
Splendid Models
Modeling Agency
Satory Management
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