International Flair Show Fall/Winter 2012/13 at Indonesia Fashion Week

Posted on: 29th April 2012, Asian Fashion

JAKARTA - During Indonesia Fashion Week 2012, four designers were featured during the International Flair fashion show. These four designers were part of Indonesia's efforts to promote Indonesian fashion to an international audience.
Ali Charisma, a designer from Bali, based her collection on the theme Longing For Greece, featuring clothing inspired by modern women showcasing ideas of ancient Greek myths. This meant a mix of romance and elegance with structured architecture through tulle, lace, and other fabrics. Ardistia Dwiasri may be better known in the US than Indonesia. Still, she went back home to showcase her collection called Contour Fluidity, inspired by Carlo Mollino's furniture concept. Construction was detailed and geometric accents were part of the package through body wrap blouses, masculine blazers, and structured skirts. Mardiana Ika called her collection Beauty and the Beast mixing classy and charismatic with rough and wild. The beauty behind the savage was showcased through bold jackets and skirts and red lines symbolizing blood. Finally, Carmanita based her designs on the batik cloth and she worked heavily with asymmetrical draping, mixing the culture of Indonesia, India, and Japan.
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