Juun J Men Spring 2013 ft Jakob Hybholt & Adrian Bosch | Paris Men's Fashion Week

Posted on: 4th July 2012, F.MEN

PARIS - Korean Designer Juun J shows off his 1940s inspiration at his Spring/Summer 2013 collection during Paris Men Fashion Week with fitted jackets, exaggerated oversized sweaters, wide trousers and uniform like pieces. Some of the pieces of the collection were very much streetwear like with bomber jackets and jersey cut sweaters along with some fitted hats. The show's main colors were black, white, khaki, olive green and some pin striped patterns to go along with it. Juun J's draping was mostly noticed during the show more than anything else.
Appearances: Bart Grein, Paul Boche, Adrian Bosch, Jakob Hybholt, Julien Chanca, Johannes Niermann, Yuri Pleskun, Raphael Hatt, James Smith, Russell Giardina, Juun J

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