Kim Kardashian is UNVEILED in Stephane Rolland Couture | presented by MoDa's Touch

Posted on: 23rd January 2013, Fashion Films

WORLD - Reality star Kim Kardashian sizzles in Stephane Rolland as she is photographed in a veil that explores her allure in public life and focuses on the sensual woman behind the veil -- asking the question: Who is the real Kim Kardashian in her private life? This spectacular shoot was put together by creative director Mohieb Dahabieh.
Model: Kim Kardashian
Photos & Video - MoDa's Touch
Production: Christian Helland Ouff
Video: Ceri Allen
Makeup: Rob Scheppy (Using Khroma Beauty)
Hair: Craig Marsden (Using Kevin Murphy)
Production Assistant: Lukas Kroulik
Special Thanks: Jill Fritzo, Pearl Servat
Haute Couture: Stephane Rolland
Fine Jewelry: Moussaieff
Headpieces: Philip Treacy
Music: Ya Donia - Najwa Karam (Shu Mghayara, 2006), Tigoul Ahwak - Mirage (Tigoul Ahwak, 1985), Hood Scriptures - Foxy Brown (Broken Silence, 2001).
Fashion - Spring Water, for Babies to Billionaires
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