Model Talks - Liv Lo of Tokyo Girls Collection, Exclusive Interview - Japan 2011

Posted on: 26th June 2007, FashionTV Video Archive

http://youtube/FashionTv JAPAN - Model Liv Lo is known for her high energy and stage presence. She was born on May 21, 1986. Live is half-Tawainese and half-Italian. She's walked in runways like Laguna Moon, Ravijour, and Tokyo Girls Collection and has modeled everything from animal print bras to fur coats. "Actually, I'm not going for fur, I'm going for leather. Thigh leather," she says of the trend at the latest Tokyo Girls Collection show.She shot a book with photographer Hajime Sawatari, which features Liv posing semi-nude. Liv also does events. She did an event called Girls Treat The Boys, where she DJed and celebrated her birthday with close friends like models Melody Yoko and Kelly and of course, FashionTV.
Appearances: Liv Lo (Model), Melody Yoko (Model), Kelly
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