Luna Sky Backstage & Show hosted by Hofit Golan | London Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2013

Posted on: 16th October 2012, FashionTV Video Archive

LONDON - FashionTV is at the Luna Sky show during London Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2013 with TV Presenter/Actress Hofit Golan nabbing a front row spot.Also in the front row, Pandemonia, the 7-foot tall conceptual artist in a green ensemble. The collection features gorgeous smoky blue, gray, and purple gowns with lace in a variety of shapes. Other frothy colors for gowns include cupcake frosting pink and pastel yellow. Makeup Artist Inna Wang tells Hofit Golan what she thinks of the makeup looks on the catwalk at London Fashion Week. "I think it's been very ethereal and very fresh. The skin is dewy." The design inspiration for the show, according to Luna Sky, is the sophisticated lifestyle in the 1950s and the Japanese cherry blossom.
Appearances: Hofit Golan, Pandemonia, Inna Wang (Makeup Artist), Fanni, Luna Sky

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