Maria Mogsolova at Schonbrunn Palace - Photoshoot in Vienna

Posted on: 10th January 2012, Fashion Films VIENNA - Top model Maria Mogsolova is in Vienna for a photoshoot at the exquisite Palais Schonbrunn. First, she gets ready with makeup and styling from Soraia Costa of Making Of and hair from Ana Castro of Mother Agency. For the shoot, she wears clothes (like a beautiful red ruffled one-shoulder dress and a brown dress with sequins) from Callisti. She poses amidst the autumn leaves that are lovely golden brown, yellow, and red colors. By the palace, Maria wears an embroidered red dress and large fur. The photographer for this shoot is David Wendefilm.
Appearances: Maria Mogsolova (Model), David Wendefilm (Photographer), Soraia Costa (Makeup), Ana Castro (Hair)
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