Merchant 1948 Summer Campaign: Behind The Scenes with Photographer Giuliano Bekor

Posted on: 19th November 2012, Fashion Films

WORLD - Photographer Giuliano Bekor presents the Merchant 1948 summer campaign. In THE RESCUE, two models rescue a hunky tattooed man from a scorpion! In THE FIND, a man finds a treasure chest filled with cash and calls his beautiful girl friends to help him bring it back to the car. In THE PIT STOP, the friends speed down the highway followed by a police officer but find a rest area to cool off. In THE SWEET SPOT, the friends celebrate their find, still tailed by the officer. In the radio, one of the girls catches the eye of the police officer as she dances, before throwing him into the pool. In THE GETAWAY, the friends make their exit on a fighter jet. The film was directed and photographed by Giuliano Bekor.
We go behind-the-scenes to see how the film was made.
Photographer: Giuliano Bekor
Twitter: @giulianobekor
Instagram: giulianobekor
Models: Dana Stuce (HMM), Laine Rogova (HMM), Justin Wilczynski (Photogenics), Patrick Sperry (WM)
Director of Photography: Eric Soboleski
Styling: Sonia Nava
Creative Brand Manager: Thomas Cannings
Produced by Lightbox Studios
Executive Producer: Stella Vellasco
Producer: Jenna Peffley
Camera Operators: Daryn DeLuco
Brett Mazurek
Prop Stylist: Eddie India
Hair: Damien Carney
Makeup Artist: Anthony Merante
Special Thanks to Yanks Air Museum

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