Miss Fashiontv Black Sea Model Awards 2013

Posted on: 21st August 2013, FashionTV Video Archive

Miss Fashiontv Black Sea Model Awards 2013
www.fashiontv.com/videos MAMAIA - FashionTV presents the Miss FashionTV Black Sea Model Awards 2013 in Mamaia, Romania.The sexy ladies from the Black Sea region walk the runway in swimsuits while holding FASHION Luxury Spring Water and FASHION Energy Drinks. The spectacular show, featuring Mayor of Constanta Radu Mazare decked out in a tribal-looking costume, showcased 21 of the most beautiful girls in the Black Sea area as they parade onto the runway in gorgeous white gowns with high center slits to receive their awards as voted by FTV fans all over the world. Fashiontv has taken a revolutionary step into combining technology and fashion for the online voting platform of the competition. Each contestant has been given a personal QR code allowing smartphone users to scan their codes and vote for them.
Chosen as this year's Black Sea Model Award is Simona-Maria Mindila. This green-eyed beauty is from Constanta, Romania, and this year's FashionTV Summer Festival is the first time the young 15-year-old showed off her stuff on the runway.
The rest of the winners are as follows:
Most Scanned on fashiontv.com Model - Irina-Florentina Cotar
FTV Tourism Mamaia Model - Alexandra-Iona Andrioaia
Catwalk Model - Georgiana Beatrice Piele
FASHION Luxury Spring Water Model - Iuliana Dup
F-18 Acai Drink Model - Bara Andrada
F 88 FASHION Energy Drink Model - Cristina Oprisan
FASHION Vodka Model - Iuliana Zaborot
Cosmote Model Award - Amalia Santa
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