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Posted on: 9th November 2012, Asian Fashion

Fashion Luxury Spring Water: Taste The Luxury
CHINA -- Join FashionTV at the biggest beauty pageant in the world, Miss World Fashion Show, which took place in Ordos City, China. Where 46 stunning hopefuls walked the catwalk to present creations by Chinese brand, 1436 Erdos, and earn one lucky winner the title of "Miss World Top Model 2012." The models can be seen wearing winter ensembles at the start, which are later changed to luxurious gowns and floor length cocktail dresses, wearing them as only Miss World knows how.
Appearances: Miss Australia Jessica Kahawaty, Miss Belize Chantae Chanice Guy, Miss Brazil Maria Notarangelo, Miss Chile Camila Recabarren, Miss China Wen Xia Yu, Miss Jamaica Deanna Robins, Miss Mexico Mariana Berumen, Miss Poland Weronika Szmajdzinska, Miss South Sudan Atong Demach, Miss Spain Aranzazu Estevez
Fashion - Spring Water, for Babies to Billionaires. Have you tried it?

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