Models Backstage at Diesel Black Gold Spring/Summer 2013 | New York Fashion Week NYFW

Posted on: 1st November 2012, FashionTV Video Archive
NEW YORK - Backstage at Diesel Black Gold Spring/Summer 2013 at New York Fashion Week, the models have yet to have their hair combed and it's already time for a runway rehearsal! As you can see, the job of a model is not so easy. The shoes are quite extravagant for this collection. HAir is made wet and hairsprayed, after being made completely straight. Makeup seems fresh and light, lipstick is a fleshy pink.
Appearances: Ava Smith, Ella Kandyba, Julia Nobis, Zuzanna Bijoch, Marie Piovesan, Maria Bradley, Josephine Skriver, Magdalena Frackowiak
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