Models in Milan: The Fashion Week Scene Backstage at No. 21 Fall/Winter 2012/13

Posted on: 28th February 2012, FashionTV Video Archive

MILAN - Don't keep those hair extensions waiting! The models are backstage preparing for the No. 21 show and FashionTV has all the behind-the-scenes action. Brazilian model Aline Weber and Chinese model Ming Xi interview each other for FashionTV and talk about the average day in a model's world during Milan Fashion Week.
Designer Alessandro Dell'Acqua tells us his inspiration came from an idea he had about the Queen of England, though only in her private life. "I mixed this idea of regality, but when she does gardening or goes to the country. Therefore, I mixed a bit of tweed with other precious fabrics. It's a bit of mix and match with volumes and silhouettes," he says. We get an eyeful of one of his gorgeous jewel beaded skirts.
From the show's sound designer Marcelo Burlon, FashionTV learns that the music for this runway show is the soundtrack of Pina Bausch, a dance film documentary about a German choreographer from director Wim Wenders. "The song is very conceptual, actually," Burlon says. "Everyone will leave the room with the song in their head. Everytime they will hear the song, they will think about the collection."
Appearances: Siri Tollerod, Aline Weber, Ming Xi, Aymeline Valade, Magdalena Frackowiak, Hanne Gaby Odiele, Bianca Balti, Suvi, Zuzanna Bijoch, Alessandro Dell'Acqua, Marcelo Burlon (Sound Designer)
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