Nina Ricci Fall/Winter 2013-14 FIRST LOOK | Paris Fashion Week PFW

Posted on: 24th March 2013, FashionTV Video Archive

Nina Ricci Fall/Winter 2013-14 FIRST LOOK | Paris Fashion Week PFW
PARIS -Refinement is the best word to describe the most recent Nina Ricci Fall/Winter 2013-2014 collection. Taking inspiration from dance, Nina Ricci fashion designer, Peter Copping told FashionTV that he tried to create a collection that allowed people to take a moment to breathe. "Dance is something I've always been interested in..I think its a very rich world and there's so many different aspects you can choose from and thats what I tried to do with the collection today," the designer said. Most popular in the show was the silhouette of the pencil skirt. Presented in different fabrics, the designer also introduced the silhouette in elongated lengths. In addition, the designer also tweaked some of the details that went into constructing jackets such as creating removable hoods. "I think i brought in some new elements that I hadn't touched on before," the designer told FashionTV.
Appearances: Peter Copping

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