First Look - Rocco Barocco Fall/Winter 2013-14 | Milan Fashion Week MFW

Posted on: 10th April 2013, FashionTV Video Archive

Rocco Barocco Fall/Winter 2013-14 FIRST LOOK | Milan Fashion Week MFW
MILAN - FashionTV goes in depth at the Rocco Barocco show during Milan Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2013-2014. Makeup Artist Cathy Anne McAllister says the makeup is focused on a bright red lip. The hair is very 70s, says hairstylist Tomohiro Ohashi. Melissa Tammerijn is the opening model at this show. "It's a very feminine and luxurious collection," Rocco Barocco says of his Fall 2013 line. "I think its also a very practical, easy-to-wear collection. There are a lot of special pieces that are perfect for women to wear from morning to night."
Appearances: Cathy Anne McAllister (Makeup Artist), Samantha Gradoville, Josephine Skriver, Daiane Conterato, Clarice Vitkauskas, Kamila Hansen, Yulia Kharlapanova, Melissa Tammerijn, Tomohiro Ohashi, Rocco Barocco, Alexandra Tomlinson, Olga Vorosilova, Alla Kostromicheva, Vika Falileeva, Grace Hartzel

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