Sexy Male Models Backstage at Paris Men's Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2013 - Juun J

Posted on: 20th July 2012, F.MEN

PARIS - FashionTV takes you backstage at the Juun J Spring/Summer 2013 show during Paris Men's Fashion Week. The Korean designer brought back the 1940s gangster scene in this collection with monotone ensembles. Behind the curtains, the handsome models are prepping for the big show from head to toe. Makeup is very light, fresh and natural with minimal color. As for hair, the models sport a very clean slicked back hairdo which was a popular one back in the 40s. Thick and well-brushed eyebrows are another trend going on backstage. Gold fingernails are seen on the models as well, which is not a typical look but very unique for this show.
Appearances: Paul Bosche, Bart Grein, Adrian Bosch, Jakob Hybholt, Johannes Niermann, Corentin Renault, James Smith, Yuri Pleskun

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