Sexy Photoshoot for the 2013 Riello Calendar - at the Beach in Madagascar

Posted on: 17th October 2012, F.Hot Videos

MADAGASCAR - We're behind the scenes of the photoshoot for the Riello Calendar 2013 taking place in Madagascar. Model Raffaella Modugno gives us an exclusive look at the shoot in Nosy Be. The hair and makeup are being done on the boat being taken to paradise. "I was chosen by Riello this year because they wanted to focus on a Mediterranean character. As you can see, I fully represent the Mediterranean character." Watch as she dips into the water with a wet t-shirt and various bikinis and bathing suits. Modugno once participated in Miss Italia in 2008. She also poses with a F 18: Luxury Acai Drink, which lights up in the dark.
Appearances: Raffaella Modugno

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