Tokyo Girls Collection Sweet Xmas Edition // Inoran's Hide & Seek PopUp Shop |TFN90a| FashionTV ASIA

Posted on: 16th February 2012, Asian Fashion

TOKYO - In this episode of Tokyo Fashion News, navigated by George Williams, we experience the fashions of Tokyo firsthand. The crowd went wild during the Tokyo Girls Collection show in Miyazaki. The popular fashion festival featured its first ever "Sweet Xmas Edition." Once famed Japanese model Maki Nishiyama opened the show, it became an instant memorable moment for Tokyo fashion. The collection featured playful and girly, short, flouncy silhouettes that were modeled down the catwalk by some of Tokyo's most fashionable faces, including Ranko Kanbe, Saeko, and Asami Imajuku. The show also featured live performances by Tokyo Girls Collection veteran May J and Anna Tsuchiya who opted for an upbeat yet gentle performance in the spirit of Christmas.
Furthermore, FashionTV's Tokyo Fashion News witnessed the opening of legendary guitarist Inoran's three-day special shop: Hide and Seek. The pop-up shop was a way for Inoran to create a "bridge between music and fashion," his two passions. The store featured rock'n'roll inspired exclusive collaborative items designed by the likes of Roberto Yoshida, Yuji Sugeno, Akira Yamamoto, Yve, and Junichi Sugita.
Appearances: Maki Nishiyama, Ranko Kanbe, Saeko, Asami Imajuku, May J, Anna Tsuchiya, Inoran, Roberto Yoshida, Yuji Sugeno, Akira Yamamoto, Yve, Junichi Sugita
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