Versace Full Show ft Francisco Lachowski - Milan Men's Fashion Week Spring 2012

Posted on: 31st July 2011, F.MEN MILAN - Donatella Versace seems to be engaging in a London fashion revolution, which was obvious from her suits in light gray with checked prints, which is ironic since she's known for her Italian luxe. Still, for her Milan Men Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2012 collection, she showcased that Italian luxe in the form of an old world appeal that had something to do with the Baroque movement, though others would argue it wasn't Baroque at all but another version of Versace trying to do English pop. Minnesota-native Mike Spadino opens the show. There were "pops" of blue and gladiator sandals in a patent cobalt. Yes, gladiator shoes. Which makes us wonder where Ms. Versace is going with all these geometric prints and shiny shades. Other stand-out colors include bright green, yellow, blue, and pink. Perhaps the best part of the entire show? Top model Francisco Lachowski dressed entirely in red just before the 6 minute mark.
Appearances: Donatella Versace, Francisco Lachowkski (Model), Mike Spadino (Model), Jarrid Bernier (Model), Jacob Coupe (Model), Christian (Model)

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