What Are These Girls Doing? Models Hit The Gym in Fashion Film "Drip" for Idoll Mag

Posted on: 4th February 2012, Fashion Films

http://www.FTV.com/videos Chris Vongsawat has created a fashion film for Idoll magazine as a tribute to Jay Z and Kanye's Watch the Throne album. Models are Veronica Malavolta from Red Model Management and Jelena Salikova from Muse. The narrator, Cecile Auger, tells the story of these two girls as they train in the gym. What are they doing here and why do they need to train? They are not bodybuilders, but they must train. Of course, they wear couture-inspired items while they do it.
Filmmaker: Chris Vonsawat http://chris-vongsawat-models.tumblr.com/
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