Dear music lovers,

I wish you a beautiful Wednesday morning!

My new blog I want to start with a story about the fusion music scene.

I started to play guitar with 10 years old, and Mahavishnu John McLaughlin became one of my first
role models. He was the fastest of all guitar heroes. Here´s a video of his Mahavishnu Orchestra 1972.

The keyboarder in this video is Jan Hammer who later made the music for the cult TV series Miami Vice. The song “Crockett´s Theme” became a worldwide hit.

Jan Hammer started to play all instruments by himself, even the drums. The electric guitar he made with a special keyboard that he could wear on his neck like a guitar. He played it over a guitar distortion effect device. So he developed his unmistakable sound. You can see him here in his studio working on the Miami Vice signation:

The drummer of Mahavishnu Orchestra was Billy Gobham. He later produced the superhits “Stratus” and “Red Baron” with Jan Hammer and the guitar legend Tommy Bolin. Please listen to the irresistible groove.

Jan Hammer and Billy Gobham also made much very good stuff with bass player Stanley Clarke who invented the slap bass which became a very popular style to play the bass guitar later.
Here´s “Lopsy Lu” from his first solo album with Jan Hammer and one of the world best drummers, Tony Williams:

Here´s my favorite track of Stanley Clarke with guitar legend Jeff Beck. Many musicians say that Jeff Beck´The end of my story of today is a song produced by Stanley Clarkes the best fusion guitarist:

The end of my story of today is a song produced by Stanley Clarke with the fantastic singer Dee Dee Bridgewater performing a song  of Elton John. It was her first album and she became a star over night.

Have a beautiful day, I´ll be back tomorrow!


Tommy Bolin later joined Deep Purple, when superguitarist Richie Blackmore left the band.
He died very young on an overdosis. You´ll find more about this incredible talent on this blog soon.